Two Sides

Along the shore of the Bay of Fundy just where water narrows and enters the Minas Basin you will find Cape Split. Native legends relate the origins of the area through stories describing the formation of the Bay and the famous Five Islands.

Over this summer I found myself on the shores with paint and boards. Working with tone after my recent project with line made an interesting contrast but the contrast turned out not to be in the work so much as the way it happened.

When I work in the garden or woods around the house it is often just me and the birds. Painting along the shore this summer turned into a much more public performance. When I  began painting this day the tide was near its low point and I maintained that view in the painting adding only to the colour.

Often when I work in public places people steer clear for some reason but on this occasion many people stopped, sat and chatted. Initally conversation was about the work itself. Good, bad or indifferent. As the day went on and the overwhelming effects of the tide were reflected in the painting talk turned to the Bay.