Small Problem

Being on site creating work is often a logistical nightmare. Getting there is only half the fun and new sites and sounds are always a welcome reward. The ground is often uneven. Weather is always on your mind and bugs in spring can be overwhelming.  Along the shore of the ocean I always have to keep one eye on the water and be ready to head for shore ahead of the incoming tide. Perhaps that is what draws me back over and over again.

When it is not possible to work on site the studio is always available. The studio provides a familiar setting, a warm dry space with light for working into the night. It is very different working in the studio as the floor is level and the walls straight. There are no problems with weather or bugs. One problem is size, which in my case is small, blown all out of proportion with the new camera which makes the space looks very large. I can assure you it is not and requires constant shifting of work to keep space available. Small problem for sure.