Magical Garden Scene

Spring is firmly in place. Garden seeds are sprouting and a swallowtail butterfly crossed my path this morning. The air has really changed. Each year bringing new surprises and of course ever changing arrangements. There are some projects that I just keep adding to. 

I remember the first painting of the narcissus that was made in our yard. The plants popped up beside the kitchen door and were surprising for two reasons. The first was that the plant survived at all as the whole yard had been dug up the previous summer to allow a new cement foundation to be poured under our house. The second was that I didn't know the name of the plant only that their fortuitous appearance was perfectly timed.

Finding the plant name and searching for a reference led me down a trail into ancient Greek myths. I think the mythical story must surely be a tragedy but to think that the found plant by the door would lead the way through years of painted exploration is even more overwhelming. The painter in me decided early on to leave the myth behind and just work with the form and line and tone delivered by the plant itself.

Blended with the lily of the valley familiar shapes make a magical garden scene.