Art Loto

Being able to draw and paint on the harbour and in the woods within a few hours of each other is very exciting because it doesn't happen often. It is kind of like winning an art loto.

Things kicked off Friday morning while picking up around the yard.  Birds were calling from the trees and I noticed the ferns that I have worked with for years were popping out of the ground and unfurling towards the sky. I have learned that ferns do move fast so I returned to the studio and grabbed a canvas returning before even the black flies could find me. The ferns have grown over years and now make a very full display on the woods floor. I make a mental note that it will be a project to look at some of the work side by side.

Then early Saturday morning found me along the shore in Dartmouth looking for a site to make a drawing. You just never know what will turn up but the main thing is to show up and draw.

A beautiful spot allowed a view across the harbour to the container pier. As I began drawing a view across the stern of the Irving Acadian a schooner made its way into view moving out of the harbour under sail. The drawing became a contrast of forms in what was an amazing twenty four hours.