Painting Nova Scotia Fall Colours

A long time ago when we had first moved to Nova Scotia we travelled to the top of North Mountain by road and stopped at a spot that is called the Lookoff. The view was and still is totally amazing as you can gaze out over the rich agricultural lands of the Annapolis Valley. The body of water to the left is the Minas basin that I have spoken about many times before and also one site of the expulsion of Acadians around 1755. Of course, the history of people in the area stretches even farther into past and resonates in the stories of the Mik'Mak . Beyond that even the rocks tell stories of earth history. The record found pressed in stone talks of a time before even dinosaurs. Totally overwhelming for the casual observer.

The painting above was made years ago but the memory holds true that this is a remarkable place. Now, with fall in the air and leaves turning colour all around I can imagine being there so many years ago connected by the wind to the past and the future. It is always so exciting to paint on site I will take advantage of our extended good weather.