Old Art Tools

 Yesterday I met an old friend.
No, it wasn't a person but a machine that I became acquainted with years ago when as a student at Humber College studying Graphic Art and Design.
The once totally amazing machine, a IBM Selectric typewriter, was cutting edge technology that made setting simple text a easy job. First of all it was powered by electricity which was somewhat new at that point but the "selectric" had the distinctive "golfball" font head that could be changed for style and size.  I was chosen, along with two other students, to attend a education session delivered by IBM to learn to operate the machine which allowed us to provide a typesetting service to other students for use on their projects.

I haven't even seen one of these machines, except in pictures, for a good long while and was surprised by the shear weight of the machine as I carried it to the car.  I suppose the all metal construction would have something to do with that.