Unseen Forces

As I walked in the garden on the weekend and made the first few scratches in the soil it surprised me to find the sprouts of narcissus pushing their way up out of the ground. The ground is barely thawed. They were accompanied by garlic and onions nearby which made me think that even though spring seems held up by unseen forces the plants are not waiting. The birds are going with it as well gathering material for nests, singing and singing their songs. It is a welcome relief. 
Thinking about changes makes me wonder where art will take me now. I am really pumped to get out in the woods and on the land again with a surface and some colours. I know there is still work to do inside but as soon as the weather breaks away I go. There are a few spots and ideas that came to light late last fall so maybe we can start there. 
I can feel the warm breezes smell the scented air already. I may already be there.