Big and Bold

The Chic Choc mountains are deep in the Gaspe region of Quebec and full of surprises. The amazingly rugged area is surrounded by a coastal landscape of mountains and ocean and a joy to behold. The mountains described as impenetrable rise and fall sharply between peaks and form a northern extension of the Appalachian Mountains. Hikers access the mountain range by road and on foot travelling on what is the Appalachian Trail.

On the ground and miles from anything that resembles the modern world we were greeted first by a group of five or six young Canada Grouse crossing the trail. The young were followed by the female and quickly disappeared into the underbrush. Just when we thought the show was over the larger and more colourful male proceeded to entertain us with a very impressive display of feathers and strut providing a distraction for the families escape.

Combining the love of painting and drawing with a walk in the woods made a special day.