Point Pleasant Park, Halifax

When we arrived at Halifax I was taken deep into the city to a place that had been home to my wifes' family for generations.

Painting was something I brought with me from Toronto and I was determined to explore my new surroundings using this medium. I wanted to play with paint and loved colour and contrast. The view out the kitchen window ay Waverly Terrace became one of my first topics.

One highlight of a city tour was Point Pleasant Park. The Park was close at hand sitting on a beautiful point of land at the end of the Halifax peninsula which provides a view to the open sea.

On the eastern side of the park in sharp contrast to the forest sits a giant container pier or ocean transfer point. I should mention that the forest that once covered the park was destroyed by hurricane Juan in 2003 and will be a while regrowing.

Contrasts between natural and constructed elements around the park and the pier interest me as a painter.

It is also interesting to see changes that were underway a short while ago now rendered to memory.

A giant crane stands on the newly extended deck out into the harbour, a modern day colossus.