Collage is one technique or form that I have always found helpful. I say helpful because as a tool it opens paths to new expressions or can be an end in itself. 
The word collage is french for gluing. We have Pablo Picasso and his buddy George Braque two young and starving artists, for introducing the world to the updated technique. They lived and worked in Paris in the early twentieth century. The artform they developed was by no means childs play, these guys were serious about their imagery. They used found printed material including newspapers and wallpaper to realize work that seemed to foreshadow future decades of work and events.
The idea of gluing canvas to canvas doesn't seem like too much of a leap to make one hundred years later. It allows the inside or underside of a work to show itself in the finished work. This was a role reversal for sure and as such became an interesting idea to me. 
The random residual project used unused fluid paint to make new images but if the paint dried on the palette it could be lifted from the surface and reattached to a new surface leading to a new surface, an attachment. At first this way of working didn't feel like painting at all but of course it is.