Recently I have been reading the James Lord, A Giacometti Portrait  which is a real eye opener. As the model for the portrait, author James Lord is also the observer of the artist at work. He records the highs and the lows of an eighteen day period during which Giacometti creates a portrait painting on canvas.

I come to find out that some of the fears that arise when I paint are also the fears that Giacometti faced. Funny thing. Corrections on corrections striving for that perfect balance. When to stop, where to start.

It seems that there is no easy answer and in his case he painted as long as time allowed. He was constrained by a shipping deadline as the portrait was travelling to a gallery to become part of a show.

In my mind I often go back to early thoughts of encounters with ideas and paint. Being at ease with the evolution of a work that doesn't work the first time for what ever reason is a hard lesson. I am not sure it gets any easier.