Once Upon a Harbour

I have been painting along the harbour for a number of years. Normally very quick sketches using small panels that I carry with me. As the city grows visual access to the harbour decreases. Sometimes as I go about my day I travel on the Halifax side and sometimes the Dartmouth side, you just never know what you will find. 

One day not to long ago I drove up Barrington Street towards the new bridge and was struck by a display on our waterfront. I'm sure it wasn't planned that way but there it was Red, Yellow and Blue the primary colours just waiting to be recorded. I made a few stops and settled in to make some sketches of the site. 

I worked on the painting with the working title Bobs World in honour of our friend Bob and his father who spent years working on the waterfront in just such an environment. The scale of the waterfront is overwhelming.  Normally large equipment and buildings appear toy like.